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It’s all about the Piecaken

November 25, 2012

Looking for a strange new challenge to go after for a Thanksgiving potluck and a few hours of conference calls to do reasearch, I found an interesting concept: the piecaken.  Apparently, this trend has come out of the missionary community: I’m not sure what to say on that one either theologically or politically so I’ll let each of my 12 readers decide independently.  What I found was a decided lack of directions except for a list of “nots” and the idea to use pre-made cakes.  Look, if I’m going to bake a pie in a cake, the pie is going to be from scratch.

The concept is pretty self-explanatory: bake a pie into a cake; a perfect dessert for Thanksgiving.  After scouring the blogs, I decided that the one aspect made-from-scratch piecaken creators all lamented was a berry pie.  After playing with flavor profiles, I decided to do a coconut pie and chocolate cake.

The coconut pie was a breeze to make: the recipe didn’t say but I poured into an unbaked pie crust.   I made the pie the day before (tip from another blog) and cooled completely.

The next day, I made the cake.  I’ve made exactly one cake from scratch so I went with the tried and true Betty Crocker cake.  The only modification I made was to swap the 1/2c oil for 1/2c of water.  I figured the oil wouldn’t be needed based on the cake recipe and would help to figure out the baking time.  I poured roughly 1/3 of the cake batter into a well greased spring form pan (10”).  And then the tricky part: transferring the pie from the pie plate to the cake.    I removed the outer edges of the crust, flipped the pie onto a cookie sheet and flipped back.

Mine broke a bit but I was able to piece back together.  Pour the remaining cake batter over the pie and cooked until knife clean (70 minutes at 350 degrees).

I let the piecaken rest overnight (I didn’t want the cake to ball up when I frosted it).  I frosted with a simple butter cream frosting.

I hauled a cake weighing more than a newborn to a foodie potluck and viola, a piecaken for the ages.

Now, on to the next culinary adventure!

The Piecaken Adventure. . . Part I

November 11, 2012

I have no clue how many parts will be in this story.  Think of it as some free form epic poem.  I’m on a quest to make a piecaken for a post-thanksgiving potluck.  A few minor details:

1) I don’t bake.  Cook yes, bake no.

2) I have a torn rotator cuff on my non-dominant hand (that is for sympathy).

3) I don’t like pre-made mixes.  I mean, if you are going to make a piecaken, seriously? Mrs. Smith meets Betty Crocker?

4) I’m not wild about apples or spice cakes which hinders flavor profiles.

5) There seems to be a lack of information on how to make a piecaken compared to what not to do and how it is a bad idea to make a piecaken because how it points towards American excess.

Lucky for me, I have to make 2 pies for work this week for a going away party (I figure it’s a good way to test textures).  Right now, I’m searching for good cake receipes.  And really? Why is it the only information I can find on the piecaken how to is from people who use cake mixes?