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244 Days to go: the Road to Paris

August 10, 2014

I don’t think.  I mean I REALLY don’t think at times.  Win a bib, enter a marathon, plan the trip around Europe AFTER the marathon.  I forgot something in all this.  As in oh, damn.  I have to TRAIN for said marathon.  It will be an adventure.

Right now? Uh.  Turns out a screwed up my back during the Hyannis Half in February: I’m just now recovered to  the point where I can’t cause any further damage (comforting words).  My shoulder is stuck with the reality of the cortisone shot not working, the damage of arthritis means I can kick, swim breast stroke or walk.  I’m at the point of being frustrated with life time of orthopedic issues (as in SERIOUSLY OVER IT) combined with normal sprained ankles.

I told somebody a few weeks ago: I am going to Paris.  I may not walk the marathon.  But this is about me being selfish and setting a goal.  I have the Columbus, Philadelphia and (get this) Surf City half marathons on the calendar.  I am going to work on being ready.  I’m just at the point for the first time that I’m not sure if my body has enough duct tape, bolts, pins, wires and artificial parts to hold myself together.

Yes, I know this is a first world problem.  Yes, I know people who are facing far more daunting issues than joints that like to destroy themselves.  I know that I’ve lived with this far, far longer than I’ve not lived with it.  Here is the deal: it doesn’t get easier.  I just get less frustrated.  Except for today.

Today was a day of frustration.  I tried to do some yoga to stretch out my lousy hip flexors.  Sort of worked (disclaimer: cats and yoga).  Spent 45 minutes on specific shoulder exercises.  Grateful for ice.

I know that marathons are mind games.  I know that I can rise to the challenge.  Right now, I’m frustrated.  Tomorrow, I’ll re-lace my shoes and go for a few mile walk.  I’ll remind myself that the human body is an amazing creation: and that duct tape works well.  And I’ll try to remember what my niece told me after I had to bail on a 5K in July: at least you tried. 

At least I survived the eating of kale.

Dear #kale, I’m sorry.

June 22, 2013

I hate admitting when I’m wrong.  And by hate, I mean hate.  Being wrong is something that doesn’t sit well with me.  For a few years, I’ve spent confounded at the ‘love of kale’ that a few friends have touted.  Me? I found the stuff disgusting.  I was flipping through a few food blogs looking for ideas for the impeding CSA season and noticed a key tidbit.  Kale, especially the dino kale, needs to be deveined.  Really? I texted a kale lover who I’ve known for years.  And pretty much got back the response of a-duh otherwise it tastes bitter.  (Yeah, I can tell you ALL about bitter kale).  Armed with this piece of knowledge, I jumped off the cliff kale cliff.

The results? Kale and avocado pesto has made it into my summer cooking schedule.

2c of roughly chopped kale (offending stems and veins removed)

2 avocados

4T minced garlic

2T olive oil

1/4c sliced almonds


add kale, olive oil to food processor, blend.  add in avo and almonds.

Serve over pasta (I made my sure pasta was cold before adding in) or shockingly as a spread in a sandwich.

Sigh.  I can’t believe what I’ve been missing.

Torn Labrum + Lack of REM = Mr. Toads Wild Ride

February 23, 2013

So, I have a torn labrum. It sucks. Ok, what sucks the most is the never ending lack of sleep. I’ve been stuck in a vicious cycle of no sleep, crash, no sleep, crash. Last night was a major face plant to the bed. A thirteen hour (impressive even by my own lofty standards) snooze provided a major catch-up in REM sleep.

It was one of those nights that I remember thinking WOW these are beyond weird experiences. Then realizing when I woke up that yeah, I can totally see how The Wizard of Oz and Newhart were created by REM movements. Really.

What were some of the more bizarre highlights? I’m glad you asked:
1) Two kale loving essentially pacifist friends fighting (like fist fighting) over who could make a dish that would have me love kale. Somehow, the kale became ruined and I was relieved. Not at the end of the fight, but that I wouldn’t have to eat kale.
2) Having a brief conversation with President Obama on the merits of Greg Luzinski’s play as a White Sox member vs. a Philadelphia Phillies player. (I mean of all the things to talk to POTUS about? I pick a 70/80’s baseball player?)
3) Going running with Hilary Clinton the morning of her inauguration and realizing I had her driver’s license. The ensuing drama of getting it back to her, getting stuck on the beltway and thinking “It’s a good thing I know this short cut”, winding up on the metro where I debated jumping between trains and thought, wait, that’s too Hollywood, I’ll stay on the train. I handed her license to a Secret Service agent who knew the code word of the day. (Never mind I’m fairly certain Secretary Clinton doesn’t run, I know I don’t).
4) Watching a neutral pulpit that involved Santa falling on me breaking my wrist. (I’m pretty certain that must have been related to a cat moving around on the bed). Better? Santa was preaching.

Maybe I should learn to eat kale?

I’m starting pre-rehab Monday. Expect a few blog posts about the fun times only because I’ve noticed a lack of information on the internet about rehab, surgery, etc. Sorry to bore everybody. . .