The Piecaken Adventure. . . Part I

I have no clue how many parts will be in this story.  Think of it as some free form epic poem.  I’m on a quest to make a piecaken for a post-thanksgiving potluck.  A few minor details:

1) I don’t bake.  Cook yes, bake no.

2) I have a torn rotator cuff on my non-dominant hand (that is for sympathy).

3) I don’t like pre-made mixes.  I mean, if you are going to make a piecaken, seriously? Mrs. Smith meets Betty Crocker?

4) I’m not wild about apples or spice cakes which hinders flavor profiles.

5) There seems to be a lack of information on how to make a piecaken compared to what not to do and how it is a bad idea to make a piecaken because how it points towards American excess.

Lucky for me, I have to make 2 pies for work this week for a going away party (I figure it’s a good way to test textures).  Right now, I’m searching for good cake receipes.  And really? Why is it the only information I can find on the piecaken how to is from people who use cake mixes?



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