March Insanity

I usually enjoy March: the days getting longer, the fun of the basketball games and the general awakening after a usually long winter.

This year? I think I might start by pulling my hair out. I’m over the war on the non-white heterosexual male. Over it. The latest shot? The a legislature in Idaho asking if a woman really would know if it’s rape or not.

Really? Between Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood, this simply has to end. Where are the men speaking up in defense of the reproductive choices for the women in their lives? Where are the brothers, sons, fathers, husbands saying my spouse is my partner: she is as strong as I am, she is worth as much as I am, she has the right to make her own choices regarding her health. And yes, stupid representative from Idaho, somebody knows when she or he has been raped.

Where are the men? The silence of the so called liberal men disgusts me almost as much as the conservative war on women by the right. Men, by sheer luck of being an XY instead of an XX, are part of the ruling elite: even if they are not part of the 1-15%. Conservative dialog is part of the process: hatred is not.

Equality is intimidating. It’s time for the men who say they are liberal, who say they are for women’s rights to stand up and shout back to those who seek to oppress the rights of others “this is unacceptable.” The era of Nixon’s Silent Majority is long gone. The stakes are much too high.

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3 Responses to “March Insanity”

  1. mikosweb Says:

    Actually here’s my comment with fewer typos!

    There ARE men supporting women! There is a problem though- women need to support men supporting women! I’ve gotten the feeling sometimes that women don’t want liberal men to overly defend women because they aren’t women and they shouldn’t be trying to “buy into the street cred” that “random support” might seem to provide. It’s a sort of tricky space to enter because I think women want men to support women as MEN supporting women and not as “honorary women”. And if one does not believe that this term existes, see Wikipedia for Alan Alda, who was given that title on many occasions, and I think- once- even officially. He got away with it, but I’ve felt a bit of resentment from some women. When I was posting support of women’s issues on Facebook though, I mostly was THANKED by women, so MOST women DO want any support of any kind, but not always.

  2. Barbara Says:

    THANK YOU! I’ve been sounding off on my facebook page and am just disgusted by the apathy – from men, from other women, from pretty much everyone. “If they’ve got a sound economic plan, I’ll vote for them no matter what” is what one woman told me. Another replied, “Oh it’ll all just blow over after the election.” A woman with fundamentalist religious ties told me I was evil. What in heaven’s name is going on? Why aren’t people out in the streets protesting this insanity?

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