Random Acts of Kindness

So, apparently my car decided that it wanted to see a mechanic today, not tomorrow which fit my schedule much better.  I had a hunch I had a loose cable connection but honestly just don’t have the grip strength to open the latch of the hood of the car.  So, on my way home the blasted thing died.  I saw it coming and was able to ditch into a parking lot of a Nissan car dealership.  Ok, if you *live* near these guys, go there for car repairs if you have a Nissan family of cars.  I spend my time complaining about poor customer service (aka Best Buy) and frustrations on common courtesy.  Here is what happened today:

My car dies 1/2 way up their driveway (great, eh?).  They push it up hill.  Try to run the diagnostics: because I have a Ford (and hush, it’s 6 years old, 90K miles and no problems) they can only offer to replace the alternator.  They were not 100% sold that it might not be a slipped cable or a cabling issue.  They didn’t want to just slap in a $500 part/labor item when I could be towed to a Ford dealer (they do business with them and suggested them, hey, that works for me) and have a lesser repair bill.  I’m thrilled.  Then the service manager said “I’m not charging you fo the diagnostics: we can’t diagnosis because of the differences and it’s not right to pass a bill to you.” What?  ::blink::  He then called over to Ford, said I was being towed over and made sure they could look at my car tomorrow morning (they closed at 5:30 today, it was 4:45).  I think I’m in love.

I get over to Ford, they are ready, fill out the paper work and confirm they don’t have a loaner.  The rental place doesn’t have anything until tomorrow mid-day and the woman tells me “why don’t you wait until we run the diagnostics: your lights, dash and other items are coming on before renting a car.” It still could be the alternator.  It still could be a few days.  But in both cases, two different service departments went out of their way to make sure I didn’t spend extra money.  I’m not a long-standing customer, I’ve never been in either one before.  Maybe a bit of restoring of people looking out for people: maybe another side of doing business with local merchants.

I’m mostly just grateful for random acts for a few people today: I hate dealing with cars and while I don’t have the bill, I’m not completely freaking out about what comes next.


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