And after 10 years?

Have we learned anything?

I vaguely remember thinking in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 that I hoped something good would come out of the tragedies.  I remember thinking that maybe we could be a stronger, better world because of a horrific act of hate.  I remember laying in bed in the nights after hearing the planes circle NORAD and trying not to be afraid.  I remember taking the first flight out of the Colorado Springs airport and finally grasping how we take mobility for granted.  I remember watching the national prayer service from a bar in the Salt Lake City airport with a NYC firefighter who had been on vacation and simply wanted to ‘get home to be with his brothers (at the firehouse)’.  I remember lying to my oldest nephew anytime I went through NY ‘because only bad people live in NY’.  I remember Paris in January of 2002 when at the top of Notre Dame, a Muslim told me he wished that somebody from his faith didn’t do that to my country: I remember saying to him a person of his faith didn’t.

But mostly, I remember the eternal hope that somehow we could become a better world.  By the 20th anniversary, I hope we have.  And I also hope we think of those who keep us safe first, instead of last when passing out invitations.




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