Just exactly how do I spend my days? Day 3 of 72

So, for today:

Evaluate your time. How do you spend your day? What things do you do,
from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep? Make a list, and evaluate
whether they’re in line with your priorities. If not, eliminate the things that
aren’t, and focus on what’s important. Redesign your day.


This one is a bit of  a struggle.  Like many people, I have one immovable block of time: commute/work/commute.  Now, given the nature of my job, I never know if it will be an eight hour day or a twelve hour day.  While I can’t do much about that aspect of my day (for the moment), I can take opportunities in my day to do what I value.  I found myself making notes of what I actually need to get done so I had a plan when I came home: goal for the day, deal with the kitchen.  DONE. :)  I was waiting for a meeting to start and scribbled a letter to my oldest niece because we haven’t talked in a bit then dashed off a quick email to a college friend about some information I thought she might be interested in.  Little things like taking the 5 minutes to reconnect, build community.

I realized during my morning drive time that one of the stories on NPR was about the ice industry: ok, I never KNEW there was an ice industry and that it was struggling as many of them used to be local businesses but are having issues with the centralized purchasing systems of box retailers.  Interesting.  I mean, I guess I can say I never thought about the ice industry before 6:20 am.

I found myself making a to-do list.  I’m a horrific about procrastination.  I need that task list. It gives me goals.  I knew I had to deal with my kitchen, today it was easy to take care of.  Dishes done, canning supplies stacked for this weekend’s project.  It didn’t seem like such a huge chore once I simply had it on a list of things for me to do.  Instead of sitting here at 8:00 pm thinking “I need to do something”, I’ve managed to do everything I needed to do tonight in a non-frantic pace.  I’m not one of those “work in 15 minute increment” type individuals.

Weekdays will always be tight for me: I never know how long I have to work in a given day based on a project I’m involved with.  I know I’m gone usually 10 hours a day.  Somedays, it can stretch to 14.  For me, the struggle is finding that balance of using “short” days to do some of the chores I despise so when I have a day off, I can do what I enjoy.  I do know tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the week: CSA pick up day.  That will mean an evening of plotting and planning.  I’m very glad I found the bottom of the kitchen table!


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One Response to “Just exactly how do I spend my days? Day 3 of 72”

  1. Christa T. Says:

    I listened to the same ice story!

    And I do the same thing you do – grab snippets of time to work on this or that pending to-do item. For me, though, I think it ends up making me less productive. I need to start setting limits on my time to give my focus some structure.

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