One of Seventy-two

Day one of the 72 ideas in 72 days: 4 or 5 most important things in your life/want to do/what you value.  Starting with the ending: what do I want to do better? What can I do better through simplifying my life? Where do I want to go from here?  (from a selfish perspective!)

I want to cultivate the valued relationships and let the other ones be ‘pretty wildflowers’: something to look at, something to engage with but not consume my time.  I have (as
most people do) people in my life that come in/out but at some point were an integral part OF my life.  I value the friendships that evolve over time, the friendships that on the surface look like they shouldn’t work.  I want to work towards understanding that some friendships are the lightning in a bottle type and that is fine that there needs to be a balance and it is ok to let people go simply because you no longer have anything in common.

I value the pursuit of knowledge.  How can we know what we believe unless we explore, engage with the opposite idea(s)? I enjoy reading, researching for the simple sake of researching and reading.  At times, it’s a selfish pleasure.  Other times, it fuels a new interest.

I want to write more. Enough said.  I think about writing . . . . I don’t write enough.

I want to learn the power of no. No, I don’t need this.  No, I don’t want this. No, I’m not interested in this.  I know I become overwhelmed because I try to wear too many hats, try to solve too many problems.  I want to simply be able to say No thank-you, I’m not interested.

And the ultimate goal? I want to be honest with want I need, what I want and what needs to go be it animal, vegetable or mineral.


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One Response to “One of Seventy-two”

  1. Christa aka the BabbyMama Says:

    Great list! I love how different everyone’s lists have been, but that there are also some common threads between them. Relationships seem to be a constant.

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