And I’ll just blame Wal-Mart . . . .

Yick, what a week! One of my friends on Saturday said something about Mercury being in retrograde; I’ll stick to something more simplistic.  I broke all rules of my life and stepped into Wal-Mart.  I should probably be a bit more specific: I transferred a prescription to the local scare-mart because they were open and I was desperate.  When I refilled it on Monday … yup, I forgot to transfer it back to my normal pharmacy.  Normally, I’d just kick myself but on this locavore challenge, I realized a few random things.  I DESPISE Wal-Mart (Look, it’s CHEAP! Yup. And the system of one stop shopping is wrecking havoc on local economies!)  – just entering into one out of oversight irked me.

My locavore challenge for the week wound up ok . . .not 100%.  The easy way out is to blame the 48 hour migraine.  Monday, I found myself ditching into a chain drive thru for breakfast. I felt horrific, the thought of cooking exhausted me and I knew I had to eat.  I picked the ease of a drive thru.  Everything became worse as for lunch, I grabbed something out of the cafeteria.  Ugh. After Monday, I manage to keep myself on track.

Lessons learned: sometimes, the convenance factor has to work.  I know that cooking when sick I a disaster for me.  What I need to do for next time? Make some “frozen” dinners to grab and go.  I also need to remember to stay hydrated during the weekend.  For some reason, I can do so at work … at home? Much harder.

The benefits of the week?  Found a local corn festival at Wilson Farm (a bushel of corn frozen!), grabbed TexMex at Three Amigos (normally, I would have hit a drive thru!) on my way to the opening of the new space for my favorite reflexology place, The Barefoot Dragonfly.  Normally after a morning at the office, followed by running errands and fun, I’d grab and go.  This weekend, I found myself being intentional.  It’s easy to hit a chain or a box store. It’s harder to find as local as possible food/establishments to find what I need.  I have found myself spending less money (probably less impulse purchases) but/and having to plan out what errands I need to run to minimize back tracking and needless time in the car (a pet peeve).  A side bonus? I’m not really missing my afternoon Kit-Kat bar.

The key for this challenge for me is planning (and a skill I lack in the getting myself together and out the door department).  Next week will be a challenge.  I’m headed to NoVa for the weekend so I’ve got to figure out what I can do for food next week since I’ll loose my cooking time.  I’ve suggested a few restaurants for the people I’m visiting to I can stay local inside the beltway.

Still, I’m blaming my slip-up on the fact I stepped into a Wal-Mart a few weeks ago.  I’ve already switched the prescription back!


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One Response to “And I’ll just blame Wal-Mart . . . .”

  1. Nancy Says:

    You’re in my neck of the woods this weekend? Any free time to meet up?

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