(not so) Extreme Couponing

Love the chocolate bargins!

Love the chocolate!!

I admit . . . I caught a few episodes of extreme couponing. First, I don’t get the concept of *needing* to purchase 91 bottles of mustard  even if you could get them for free or .25/each.  I don’t.  I understand buying a few, keeping them at home and donating the rest to charity endeavors like food banks, youth groups for fund-raisers, etc. Some of the people had them in basements (maybe they save them for families when they are burned out of their homes … I don’t know).  Not so surprisingly, I became riveted by watching people spend 30 hours a week, to obtain $800 of groceries for $18.31. I love a bargain as much (or more) as the next person.  Yup, I clip my coupons and combine them with sales – for things I *need*  (8 large containers of laundry detergent? not so much!).  I completely grasp using coupons to save money.  I used them, plus ones that are doubled last combined with sales to receive about 60% off and what was missing? Fresh fruits, fresh veggies.  Some times it IS fun to find the bargains out there …. I’m just not sure that spending 30-50 hours to buy a vast amount of foodstuffs is something to be celebrated.  Honestly? It seems like OCD meets hoarding .
But, for the record, the pic above is my $3.53 candy stash from CVS courtesy of a sale, CVS reward bucks and a coupon.  I’m happy about that! :)

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