Bake Sale for Japan

I am the first person to admit that I’m not the best baker in the world. I strive for edible (a complex main dish I can handle . . . brownies from a box? Head:desk!).  I heard about the Bake Sale for Japan via the normal social media outlets (which if you scroll back through this blog you’ll see a post where I was hammered over something on Facebook when I tried to make the point you never know about the outreach impact of social media).

In short, on Saturday, across the country, various communities held bake sales to support Peace Winds Japan which works to help those in earthquake/tsunami prone areas in preparation and recovery. Now, obviously, they are working in Japan to assist those in the heavily impacted prefectures.  I offered to help set up and work a few hours. First, a shout out to the fantastic Ula Cafe in JP which hosted the Boston effort.  Not only did they provide the space but free coffee/tea to the volunteers who battled shade AND a stiff wind!  Brrr….it didn’t feel like April!

For me, the most amazing aspect of this effort was the community outreach.  At one point a group of volunteers started talking amongst ourselves: we realized we had no common link to the organizer except we had seen it on twitter, Facebook or via a friend of a friend.  Every time we’d start to get a bit low on “staples” somebody would show up with a new flavor of vegan or gluten-free cupcakes, ‘regular’ chocolate chip cookies or a new type of bread.  This was the first time Boston had participated in this event (a similar one was done for Haiti last year).  Not only was it fun – it took only a few hours out of my weekend, connected me back to the world outside and was a way to payback for of the kindness that I experienced in Japan.

It took 4 hours from my life: maybe somebody will have a bit less of a burden.  Chances are we all have an extra 2-4 hours a week.  The choice is ours . . . spend it watching mindless TV or doing something, no matter how small, to help another.  The choice is ours.  Go out and be the difference you want to see. And who knows? You might find a passion.

Vegan "Oreo" CookiesBake Sale for Japan - Boston

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