Crown me!

So, after the power of Yelp was explained … I went to see the owner of the dental practice about my well documented trails of my tooth.  I have a genetically pita narrow back jaw.  Any dental work in the back molars causes pain.  Any. I warn dentists of this issue routinely. 

Last year I had a crown done out of sheer need. It added to the credit card debt caused by a lack of a job (think 2K for a tooth).  Within 6 months, it had fallen out (the permanent one … who knows how many temp ones did, I lost count).  I finally yelped about the horrific experience because, well, they treated me like dirt.

I wasn’t looking forward to today. Another few hours in a dental chair with me trying not to cry. Ok. What a difference a person can make. First, the owner was VERY apologetic – took the time to review my dental records and immediately said I had a narrow back jaw which necessitated the creation of space between the teeth and then adjusting the upper molars (removing about 1mm from the top) to match the bite.  When they had called me and said they’d “fix it for free”, I thought the original crown. I said I couldn’t afford that (I can’t). He said it would be taken care of for free. Yup. FOR FREE. It was their error the first time; the crown wasn’t done correctly taking into account my jaw. The reason the crowns were popping off in part was due to a bad fit. The tale of local businesses and social media sites.

I disliked blasting them on Yelp (I updated it!!!!), but truly appreciated the willingness of the business owner to do what was right for me even though it was extensive work.  Of course, he sort of won me over with using a numbing stick on my cheek before the 4 needles.

Here is to hoping the temporary one stays on until the new one comes in … until then, I’m just loving the fact that somebody did the right thing when it was brought to their attention. It happens far too little.


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