The power of Yelp

I Yelp. Yelp is one of those social network sites that lets you review local businesses (or chains) about service, products, customer service and the like.  I tend to yelp mostly about small businesses and base it on my experience(s) that I’ve had …. it takes a LOT for me to 1 star review an organization. On 3/4, I yelped about a run in with a local dentist (I had a crown put in a year ago … it has broken 3 times!)  Since I’m without dental insurance (and a job), the “you have to pay for it” answer didn’t exactly work as a correct answer – well it really didn’t work as a correct answer even if I had a job with dental insurance.

I posted my snarkish yelp as a warning to others in the area: let’s face it, few people rave about their dentists.  I didn’t think much of it until today when I received a call from the office manager today. They want to replace the crown for free (apparently crowns come with warranties if you go there for cleanings – I won’t go there with that idea. . . ) since it was new.

The sad thing? If I hadn’t been vocal on a public site about the lack of caring, craftsmanship and professionalism? I’d still be faced without a crown on my tooth. For me? I think it’s sad that in order for an organization to step up and to the right thing, they have to be blasted. Maybe that has a bit to do with the anger in this country? How about just doing the right thing the first time – something tells me that might just make the world a bit nicer place.

And really, it does take a lot to get a 1 star yelp from me … even the condo idiots were not yelped about!


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