About this carbon fast. . . .

So, I’ve been receiving tips on how to reduce individual carbon foot print. Ok, WHO is writing these things?  Today’s tip:

“Notice what food you throw away this week. See if you can reduce it by a third.  Eat leftovers and shop more carefully using a list and planning your meals.  The amount of food thrown away by an average household adds the equivalent CO2 emissions of 1-5 cars.”

(Granted, it wasn’t as bad as telling people to take out a light bulb to save electricity because uh, in a multi-light bulb system, you are still discharging electricity – but that’s a different tangent…)

Back to food, how about some of these tips:

1)      Buy as much produce/meat that is locally sourced. Less distance between the origin of the food and where it is sold? Less of a carbon footprint created.

2)     Buy organic. Not only is it healthy for you the creation and dispersal of pesticides, additives are consumers of natural resources.

3)     Take your lunch to work in re-usable containers. Not only do you use your leftovers, you decrease the amount of waste (containers) that are non-recyclable.

Yes, I understand the carbon fast tips are for people who may not be familiar with how to reduce, recycle, reuse.  However, let’s face it: if somebody has signed up for a carbon fast, let’s bring it up a notch.  Let’s use it to create sustainable changes both in the environmental and economic arenas.


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