Carbon fast

As I blogged about yesterday, there are a group of people engaging in a carbon fast.  Aiming at reducing the amount of resources consumed through intentional use of products, hopefully this can create lasting sustainable habits.  Granted many of those participating are already aware of environmental issues, the carbon fast is a first step in the right direction on raising awareness of how small steps can bring about changes.

As I went through simple steps I could do to be more intentional about consumption, I realized the answer of “but I recycle” is not enough.  There are simple steps that everybody can choose to participate in that can simply reduce the colossal amount of waste generated in our country.

The “average” American generates 1600 POUNDS of trash per year.  There are some given items in a household (using mine for example, used cat liter) that cannot be changed.  There are others that by simple changes can be eliminated:

1) Use cloth napkins, dish towels.

2) Eliminate using one use plastic containers and other over-packaged products.

3) Bring your bags to the grocery store, box stores and other places.

4) Donate stained t-shirts, towels that you might otherwise toss to animal shelters. Many use them in the kennels of puppies and kittens (make sure they are clean!)

5) Freecycle, recycle and donate.

Reduction of our use of plastic based products is can help curb out overdependence on oil.  The two main natural resources in plastic? Petroleum and natural gas. 

Elimination of plastic is probably not realistic (just fill up a prescription!) but awareness of where we can use glass and other products can go a long way in reducing our carbon footprint.


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