Not quite Panama, but a plan.

So, I was engaged in a FB discussion with some friends over the cost of today’s Super Bowl ads (up to 3M for a 60 second spot). In-freaking-sane.  In our economic system, the market can charge what the market can bear.  Still, I think it is reckless corporate spending (Frito Lay alone is spending upwards of 9M USD for their ads), GM in particular springs to mind on this issue! (hi, we bailed you out…how about NOT reminding us of that.)

After some back and forth that has been brewing for some time, I’m going to live off the grid as much as possible. What does that mean? Not buying from boxes and chains where possible. If I do have to buy from a chain, then a local one that pays fair wages. My goal? To see if I can go to the next Super Bowl (or this time next year if a lock out occurs).

A few friends brought up good points: Yes, Frito Lay employs a  lot of people in the middle of the country. And, they use genetically modified food, keep prices artificially low for farmers and receive their food from industrial farms: all are bad for our economy, our bodies and our country moving forward. There is a reason junk food is cheaper here than in Asia and Europe: they tax it to death for recognizing that is poison to our bodies.  It doesn’t mean I don’t like Oreos: I do! I’ve realized that spending money on a good which is both toxic *and* the product of big business doesn’t serve anybody.

Can I do it? Who knows. I’ll be using what I have in the house and any replacements will be locally sourced. If there is not a local sourcing option: then from a local business, preferably a small one then a regional chain.  Will it cost more? Probably. But what are the benefits of one person doing this in a mid-sized New England community? Isn’t it better all the way around? I’m not doing this from a position of wealth but as a conscious decision to see how much frivolous spending is eliminated, how much I can return to the economy of my community and state.  It will be an interesting adventure. 

I simply can’t support companies that spend millions for short ads: donate that time to causes and say who sponsored the ad.  And it will be interesting to see if Fox/Pepsi discuss their new arrangement today….after all, Frito Lay was the #1 ad buyer in the Super Bowl this year.


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