Another week. . .

Ok, I *left* the Great Lakes reason for one thing: the weather. One too many winters of a few feet of snow and wind chills in the -20 range made me think “really? do civilized people live here by choice?” (I never changed my sports team alliances!) but the winters I can do without. . . . so I sanely lived in Colorado and now Boston instead.  In the past week, I braved 3 rush hour storms: a Nor’Easter, an ice storm and a “small” snow squall of 8 inches. Ok. One week? I mean, the past 5 years have had mild winters, we didn’t need it back in a week! :)

Lots and lots of snow piles!


Jan Nor'Easter #1


It’s been pretty mundane…reflecting on the death of Jake Wheeler: a long time beloved professor of Hollins University/College and how much of an impact he had on a small women’s college in the south. He taught you to think and in many ways, those of us who were privileged to know him still draw from his work, be it through shaping the focus of the school, being a professor or his general optimism even in the face of personal losses. UCLA might have had John Wooden, but they obviously had the second pick.

Seeing the news about Pepsi’s Challenge program and it’s problems does actually upset me. It was such a good idea that was ruined by the masses and the voting alliances, lying to other groups that you were voting for them and the inherent greed that brings out the nasty side of people.

And then, somewhere, the news of Rep. Giffords being moved to rehab lifted spirits for a few hours. Believe what you choose, or choose not to believe, but I think the healing thoughts of hundreds of millions of people had something to do with her recovery so far.


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