The number of hits I’ve had is quite amusing. I wonder what I’ve done to make people all fluttery? Any way, back to reality – the place were people do things other than come up with conspiracy theories – Vandy always can make UT look bad even when UT wins. Any sport. I’ll give props to ESPN for putting the women’s game in prime time over the guys although the guys game was more exciting.  I hope that the other “Game Day on the Road” or whatever it’s called, has both the men’s and women’s teams telecast!

I sorta like watching old Law and Order episodes and seeing people “before” they became famous. . . or in out of typical roles.  And the “technology” cracks me up from the first few seasons. And the wickedly (for me) episode of SVU about something similar to Pepsi giving away money and it going awry.

Sorry those making sure I don’t say something offensive, you just wasted a few seconds of your life. Bummer for you.


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