Pepsi Refresh: A good idea ruined by the masses.

I used to belong to a group called Pandora’s Project. They are working for a 25K grant in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge.  I’m now over the top livid with their bashing of other organizations they are competing against. From

“We are setting out on month number three of the Pepsi Refresh Project grant contest and want this to be our last month. We need your help to get us there! It’s been amazing to see so many members voting for us and then going out to vote for other projects and spreading the word about ours! We’ve gotten as low as #24, just 14 places away from being in the money. We CAN do this! If everyone who logs into this board to access support this month takes the time to vote once a day, every day, there will be no stopping us.

If we win, we’ll want to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for supporting us, so we’ve decided that we’ll have a raffle if we do! We’ll be raffling off 1% of our earnings – $250 in the form of various prizes as well as Pandora’s Project products! Prizes will include:

  • A grand prize $200 Amazon gift card, Pandora’s Project tote and a whistle
  • 5 runner-up prizes of a $10 Amazon gift card, a Pandora’s Project tote and a whistle

How do I enter?

Entering is easy and you can do so up to ten times a day. To enter, simply vote for Pandy’s and our partners, leaving comments.

Change: Since leaving comments is time consuming, it is fine to vote for all of our partners multiple time and then leave a message that states3 votes from Pandora’s Project!”

Sample Comments:Pandora’s Project just left you a vote! Please support our all-volunteer organization as we help assault survivors by voting and texting 103598 to 73774.

3 votes from Pandora’s Project! Please vote for us so our all-volunteer organization can support survivors of sexual violence! 103598 to 73774.

Pandora’s Project just supported you with 5 real votes! Please vote back so our volunteer-run organization can help abuse survivors. 103598 to 73774.

3 votes from your partners at Pandora’s Project! Please help our all-volunteer organization support survivors of sexual violence all over the world. 103598

You can also enter by

  • posting to your FB page asking friends to vote
  • posting to Twitter asking followers to vote
  • emailing your friends and family members asking them to vote
  • passing out flyers (Coming Soon!) to classmates, friends, etc…or posting them in visible places on your campus or around town

Floater VotesIf you have more than 3 accounts, please consider using one account to as a floater voter and vote for one of the following projects that has been supporting us.

These folks support us with their votes. Please comment to them.

Sample Comment:Pandora’s Project dropping off votes! Thanks for supporting our all-volunteer organization as we serve survivors of sexual violence. 103598

And here are some other projects that support us!


Possible Comments:

Pandora’s Project dropping off votes for our friends! Please support our all volunteer organization so we can reach more survivors of sexual violence! 103598

Real votes from Pandora’s Project! Thanks for your support of survivors of sexual violence, our all volunteer organization appreciates it!

Why should I vote?

Pandora’s Project is dedicated to providing survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones with low cost access to high quality support, information, and resources. If we win, we will be able to host approximately 50 survivors at free or low cost retreats. Furthermore, we’ll have a $5,000 budget for chats. This will allow us to host chats with seriously notable speakers (Judith Hermann, anyone? How about Aphrodite Mataskis? Maybe Francine Shapiro, developer of EMDR?) Perhaps more importantly, we’ll be able to take suggestions and host chats on more specific topics, like SI, EDs, BDSM (that’s a lot of acronyms) for smaller audiences, which is something that we’ve been reluctant to do thus far for budgetary reasons. This money will also allow us to put projects that we’ve had on the table into motion, too, because our retreat funding will be secure.

Many people will benefit from winning this money, but above all, this will allow us to reserve funds for programs that are in development and will bring survivors new and innovative resources. Although we are all in different stages in our healing, everyone here has been impacted by sexual violence. We all know the pain that it brings and the difference that support can make in the healing process. Please take the time to vote today and every day in January.


UPDATE – 1/6/2011
WOW!!!! We have a lot to be proud of with a ranking of 11! We’ve been voting like maniacs – I have personally voted around 15-20 times a day and even have a spreadsheet on graph paper with all of my accounts so I can be sure I’ve used each vote and left appropriate comments and I know others are voting just as feverishly. Whether you’ve cast one vote or 20 per day, THANK YOU! Just a few clicks can make a difference.

A few updates:

I want to warn people not to vote for these projects:

Progressive Slate – DO NOT VOTE!

Although the LGBT projects look great, this group, the Progressive Slate, is very strong and also politically oriented. They won’t return votes.

Please do try to float a few votes here and there. I know it is harder, but it is a very effective way for us to garner votes – sometimes one vote can equal 5 or even 10 in return. I’ll be updating our list regularly. If you see anyone I’m missing, please do let me know and I will add them in there.

Again, THANK YOU for voting. We’re in for a wild month, but we have a very good chance of success if we all work together. I’m super excited about our placement and hope you are too!


Really? Using grant money to bribe people to vote? Telling them who not to vote for? For the record the “Progressive Slate” is not backed by a political party: just a group that has organized alliances and voting to get good projects money. They haven’t gone around attacking people calling their projects “fronts” or linking them to a political party.

Here is a hint: if you want people to vote for your organization, cause or your candidacy, tell them WHY not by slamming others. Either on your organization’s web page or on the Pepsi Refresh page. Find causes you support and vote for them. Vote from YOUR heart – not because somebody told you to: OR because somebody told you not to. For me? This month, I’m voting for LGBT causes. Why? Because the amount of bullying, shame and lack of equity in my community. I would have tossed a vote to Pandora’s Project. But not anymore. You lost my vote. Because you slammed others.


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