And the reading of The Constitution is a bad thing?

We the People. . . .

The new Congress is gaveling into session today. One of the first things they will do is start by reading The Constitution.  I’ve heard criticism about this idea: why? Reading The Constitution to open a session of Congress seems like an outstanding idea: it reminds the lawmakers why they are present.  The first 3 words start the charge: “We the People” not “those of us who are elected to serve” not “those of us who will act live divisive idiots” not “those of us who will bicker like toddlers” but “We the People: those elected to serve the people who sent us to govern.”

Read the document: there has been an insane amount of discussion about citizenship to individuals born in this country: to change that? 2/3 of both houses and 2/3 of all states would have to approve such a change. How do I know this? It’s in the document.  The reality? If we can get all 3 of those to agree on the fact the sun rises in the east, I’d be impressed.

The Constitution is the OLDEST governing document still in existence: it is a living, breathing document. Reading it, you are provided a snap shot of our evolution as a Republic: we have moved from an insane 3/5 voting, non-direct election of Senators, banning then allowing alcohol, granting everybody over the age of 18 the right to vote. In the under 250 years the document has been in existence, it has moved from an idea, a concept to one that when having heard it read, reminds people that when we work together, when we allow different areas to excel, when we keep a system of checks and balances in place, we can move forward.

It all begins with the idea of “We the People”. The people: it is our nation, it is our responsiblity to ask our leaders to uphold what we believe to be true. That we live in a nation that will secure our defense, protect our liberty and promote our welfare.  And if the Speaker of the House thinks reading this document is a good way to start the new session? Good on you. It’s about time somebody reminded Congress why they were created. And personally? I’d rather hear The Constitution read any day of the week than the insane bickering that’s been going on for the past four years.


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