My Dislike of Weight Watchers

I despise Weight Watchers. I always have: this isn’t a new issue for me (it’s on the same argument as why I despise makeup).  I think just about everybody I know has tried/succeeded and then (mostly) failed on Weight Watchers.

My new anti-WW rant is on the “point” system. “I can only eat so many points per day”. Yes, when you are dieting, you need to be cautious on what you eat, when you eat and how much you consume but limiting to points, to me, screams “restricting food intake” in an eating disorder sense.  Since Weight Watchers is a for profit organization, I am immediately skeptical (hi! pay money to attending a meeting at a church), makes their own food and requires members to weigh in publicly (at some meetings), I don’t see the difference between Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem or any a plethora of other programs that promise a “supportive, unique environment designed to met YOUR (the female consumers) needs.”

Here is how I lost 30 pounds in 2010. I ate less. I eliminated sugar, flour and all processed foods. I exercised as my body allowed and I thought if grabbing a snack “do i want this or do I need this?” A want went back in the bag.  Sometimes, you need a handful of chips: and that isn’t going to kill me, sideline my diet or anything else.

Weight Watchers and most programs like this prey on the vulnerabilities of women to have a preconceived body type.  Not all of us are going to be tall and thin: some of us will have hips, some will have larger breasts, some will have small butts.

How do you rid yourself of  weight? Figure out what your body burns as fuel: mine is protein. A friend is veggies.  Limit your portion controls. Walk up the flight of stairs. Drink water. Quit obsessing about the scale (muscle DOES weigh more than fat) and use the tried and true advice of how do the clothes fit. Toss out your scale, quit counting points and focus on improving your health: once you do that? The weight will follow.  And if you want a piece of cake? eat it! who cares?

You can only lose weight for you: not for an archetypical image, not for a “I want to wear x for an event” but for you: your health, how you feel about you – not the images.  If you must set weight loss goals, do so in helpful ways: eliminate sugar, eliminate processed foods, cook from home and freeze immediately any leftovers.  And toss your scale.  Learn to listen to your body and respect it.  Not everybody is going to be a size 8. Clothes can’t be your goal: your happiness with the reflection in the mirror is what counts. Your improving health counts.  And limiting yourself to life’s little pleasures now and then because of a “point” reinforces all the negative self-image women have heard for years.


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2 Responses to “My Dislike of Weight Watchers”

  1. Sue/RFamHere Says:

    Here here! I use (it’s free!) to help me track my food and exercise since I have diabetes, but I don’t beat myself up if I’m not perfect. Accountability helps me when I need to look back and see why my glucose levels are what they are, high or low.

    • zebrastravels Says:

      Hey Sue –

      Thanks for your response! I understand the need to track food, etc for diabetes, glucose monitoring, etc but to worry if the bite had a point? gah. listen to your body, eat healthy, and add 1000 steps: my guess is that you would loose weight. causing an obsession about food doesn’t break the mentality issue!

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