The great spirit Tinker awakes once a year for Hollins University students and jealous alumnae worldwide. On campus? A free day! Krispe Kreme donuts and breakfast in your pj’s. After climbing Tinker Mountain a feast of fried chicken, Tinker Cake (of course!). Classes are cancelled. Some time in October (only rarely in November and one odd time in the spring, but we won’t GO THERE). After the first frost. But when?

Then you graduate. And sadly, most bosses frown on Tinker Day. The further you get from your last REAL Tinker Day, you yearn for the Krispe Kreme and the magic Tinker Day Fairy that takes away work for a day. You know, things like this:

Just so many dishes!They never end. . .

It’s sad really. . . there are not Tinker Days for Alumnae. Or are there?

Thank you magic Tinker Day Fairy!Really! Thank You!

No! Thank you! Give to the Annual Fund and maybe next year, the magic Tinker Day Fairy will visit you!

And even leave you a note!


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