A fresh ham? Oh my!

CSA Cooking

It's what's for dinner!

I realized it’s been a bit since I blogged about my culinary adventures in CSA cooking. I joined a meat CSA through the FANTASTIC 8 O’clock ranch in upstate New York.  The past two shipments have included a fresh ham. I skimmed a few recipes and discovered most either added too much sugar or salt. I felt adding these ingredients would take away from the benefits of the organic meat: namely adding processed foods.

This month, I decided to experiment based on some of the recipes that I had seen on epicurious and other sources. I took a can of organic black beans, 32 oz crushed tomatoes, 2T of crushed garlic, 1T of Penzeys Pork Jerk seasoning stirred together and placed in the bottom of the crock pot. I put the fresh ham, fat side up, and then cooked in the trusty crock pot for 4 hours on high. For the last 45 minutes, I threw in 1C of uncooked rice.  Presto. I’ll do this one again! Next time, I might add 1 teaspoon of salt as the ham was without salt (yeah!) found in many of the ones you can purchase at the grocery store.

A perfect dinner for a crisp early fall night and perfect leftovers for football Saturday!


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