Pit of mold and doom day 16

I started to call my condo the place of pit of mold and doom a few weeks ago. On July 7, 2010, my neighbor’s hot water tank, or more specifically the pipes, sprang a leak in essence flooding my kitchen.  I popped into my condo to pick up my recycling before heading out to pick up my CSA share to see my cats watching the water drip from the light fixture onto the table, onto the floor.  The little one, held his toy mouse in his mouth with a look of “um, Mom, there is a bit of an issue.” You think?

July in New England has been unusually sultry.  Temperatures match the southeast with high humidity.  My insurance company quickly arranged for a drying company to come in that weekend as I was leaving town for a family emergency.  I expected to come home to no floors or ceiling but the drying process complete. Boy was I wrong.

The Property Management Association didn’t even OPEN a claim with their insurance (the master for the association) until 7/15: over a week later. As the early estimates were above their liability, my insurance did not go ahead with the work (my neighbor? No home owners insurance – apparently the property management association which can ban motorcycles cannot require home owners insurance or deposit into an escrow bearing account for the deductible of $5,000 before the property master kicks in and yet claims “no responsibility on the part of the HOA or their purposefully unnamed organization.”).  So, here I sit, 16 days later and no work has begun.  The kicker – my property (mis)management association vacillates between telling me I have to pay for everything, having my insurance pay for everything and saying this is “between neighbors”.  I’m not sure what they do besides pay the bills. 

My floorboards squish when you walk across them. The subflooring is becoming damaged. My property management association is blaming me: Hi. Your polices of not requiring insurance, your inept actions of making this “neighbor to neighbor” are the underlying issues.  Or better yet, acting in the best interest OF the person who has received the damage all would have minimized, sped up or alleviated the frustration and anger. Instead I sit, with a litter box in my living room. One cat at camp and one cat a bit confused.  And one very angry owner: because of course, since the unit above me caused the damage, I’m expected to front $5,000 USD and then sue.

And the smell? Don’t get me started.


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